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Cohabitation Agreements: Collaborative Lawyers changing tactics

Cohabitation Agreements: Collaborative Lawyers changing tactics

John Stebbing, Mediator, Family and Collaborative Lawyer, leading his team at Stephen Rimmer LLP, gives his opinion and direction in the attached video, and explains how collaborative law is an ideal process to use for creating a cohabitation agreement, but lawyers need to have a very different approach to how they use the process for divorce cases.


John StebbingLawyers often find their innate interest in solving disputes gets in the way of delivering to those seeking a “livingtogether agreement” – what the clients really want.  They are seeking clarity about what may happen in the future, and fairness, as a springboard to happily living together.

Collaborative process is perfectly placed to provide that forum for disclosure, discussion and resolution by agreement.













Do clients enjoy using the collaborative law process, whether for divorce or for creating a cohabitation agreement?

Here is a testimonial for John Stebbing from a client who used the collaborative process:


“….if there can be a good divorce I think we managed to achieve it, and that is , I feel, predominantly down to  how you,” X” ,” Y “and I handled the divorce proceedings. The most important thing of all is that our children are happy, settled, and seem to have come out unscathed and secure. I am definitely an advocate of the Collaborative Process, it’s a much better system and I thank you for your calming influence….”


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