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Decluttering and support for elderly relatives go hand in hand

Decluttering and support for elderly relatives go hand in hand

In this video interview, Cheryl Carter of Every Home Matters UK explains how her service is invaluable to the families of elderly relatives.  She talks about re-homing elderly relatives, organising the home improvements needed to keep them at home or moving them into the homes of relatives which may need to be adapted.



Planning ahead for elderly relatives


We are now generally living longer. In today’s society many elderly people are living alone because they either have no family or their family is separated from them by distance. This can not only mean that they have no family to help care for them, but that they are vulnerable and lonely.

Living alone and not seeing anyone for long periods of time is a major contributor to anxiety and depression which in turn can have a detrimental effect upon ones physical health. Coupled with dementia this can make normal day to day life debilitating and frightening.

It is important that elderly relatives decide to move whilst they are still personally in control and to make all necessary changes to their living arrangements at the earliest possible time to avoid the need for another party to make these decisions for them. We strongly advise our senior clients that before making any decisions about their home, they should consult with their financial manager, wealth management consultant (if they have one) and solicitor.

Being alone or having an absent or busy family that cannot help oversee this process can make the task of moving home a stressful or even traumatic experience. During many years in professional property consultancy, I was witness to many situations where home sales and the disbandment of possessions was simply overwhelming for the individuals concerned. Sometimes, they would approach me not knowing quite how or where to start and clearly feeling vulnerable and out of their depth.

Having seen this and in some cases coupled with unnecessary pressure from estate agents and prospective buyers, I felt it was time to address the problem and so I developed the concept that became Every Home Matters.

At Every Home Matters we collaborate with professionals, such as solicitors, social services, NHS health care and Age UK, who specialise in helping people to make the right decisions about their home living arrangements and then we assist individuals to achieve their wishes thus securing their wellbeing for the future.

Many people do not realise, that as we get older suddenly having to let go of the family home, that holds so many positive memories, is hard  to come to terms with and having to downsize or rethink their living arrangements is not an easy task when your home is filled with so many personal possessions and memories.

With Every Home Matters’ Home Mover Advocacy and Senior Move Management services we search for the perfect accommodation to suit our clients’ needs and manage as little or as much of the buying, selling and moving process as our client wishes. As part of the service that we offer, we manage or assist with the process of moving our client’s possessions or with the disposal of them via distribution and gifting to friends and family or charitable organisations, recycling or waste disposal and via auction houses so that the value of those possessions sold is fully returned to their estate.

To optimize the selling price of the property Every Home Matters will advise, declutter and stage the property before valuations are carried out and again before any viewings. We liaise with estate agents, solicitors and removals companies to create a smooth transition. Once our clients have moved we assist in de boxing and then organising their new living space. Should this be a shared space with family it is vital to retain their own individual space, privacy and independence and we can help all co-habitants to achieve this.

Moving home is stressful and having to make tough decisions about which items to take or dispose of is especially difficult for senior clients, especially when it is a lifetime of memories being disbanded. So, we also offer a specialised service working together to create memories of possessions that they wish to, or have to dispose of.

We are accredited Dementia Friends Champions under the Alzheimer’s Society Dementia Friends incentive scheme. Being trained in the understanding of dementia we are aware of the vulnerability of many clients with this challenging condition and we aim to protect them in all aspects of our services. Rogue builders or trades-people are a typical example of this. We are also fully DRB checked.

Our Home Improvement services are often seamlessly combined when helping our clients to move. We can provide services to repair or refurbish our clients’ homes to increase saleability or to improve their living space. We can adapt our senior clients’ living space to suit their requirements also if they have specific needs such as wheelchair access requirements, stair-lifts and so on. We even deliver large extension and construction projects where required.

We are totally non-judgemental in our approach to everything that we do and treat our clients requirements and personal details with total confidentiality. Our clients are treated with the utmost respect, with empathy and sympathy also underpinning our services. We aim to relieve the stress when re thinking your living space and work with our clients to create a stress free process, relieving any anxieties and fears along the way to provide a positive experience on their journey to their new home or the improvement of their existing living space or home.



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