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starting over in business

starting over in business

Franchise opportunities


Silverdaze Jewelry

Diane Serle: Silverdaze (UK) Ltd Unique silver jewelry franchise

Silverdaze offers a unique jewelry franchise business opportunity.  Enabling you to fit in in around family and other personal commitments.  Overheads are kept to a minimum, maximising your profits.  London event.

Referral marketing:

This is a form of marketing that is only really successful if the product is extremely good – because if you are going to recommend a product or service to your friends, you need first of all to be a happy customer yourself. In fact, you can become your own first customer.  Then all you are doing is sharing the good news!

This is why Utility Warehouse is such a good company to be promoting.

Save yourself money on utilities and if you want, you can create your own referral based business that will work around your existing busy lifestyle and commitments: read more here…….


Pam Gurney: Xango Independent Distributor Business opportunity

The number of people running their own home based business has increased considerably for a number of years. Also the health & nutrition business sector has been growing worldwide for decades.  Xango offer solutions in the area of wellness and anti ageing with world class Mangosteen based products. Business partners receive full training & support. Minimum start up costs. Expanding International Company.  London event

Pam Gurney, Xango Independent Distributor
Tel:    01245 283789 (biz info) (product info)

And who will guide and support me while I start my business?

Well, we have some skilled professionals who can coach you, and give the back up and support that you need to succeed:

Debbie Catt: No More If Onlys Inspirational Speaker & Coach

Debbie is a highly experienced and inspiring speaker with a passion for helping people to overcome setbacks and achieving their goals and ambitions.  She presents tried and tested skills and techniques that have guided her through her turbulent life and career.  Also a business development specialist, Debbie provides invaluable techniques and tips on how to promote a business more effectively. London & Brighton events.

Julia Armstrong: Coach, therapist and author

Coaching in realising human potential.  Julia is a leading performance coach and counsellor working at the core level with over 30 years experience in helping others find happiness and fulfillment. Brighton event.

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