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Stressed parents – simple ways to make a difference

Stressed parents – simple ways to make a difference

An article and short video by Susan Cowe Miller, providing emotional support for greater clarity and confidence.
Susan shares how EFT can benefit you, your new baby, toddler and also older children who are dealing with stress.
EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) aka Tapping is a Self-Help tool practiced to lower and manage anxieties, feelings of anger, unfairness, overwhelm, panic or fear.
Parents can learn how to use this technique to help themselves and their families.

Children under two years old and in-utero
can sense and are also emotionally affected by
emotional shock, stress and disharmony in the home


EFT works in two ways

  • As a Self-help tool for fast relief from feelings of stress and anxiety.
  • At deep transformational level clearing negative belief and limiting patterns of behaviour. (Often we run Ancestral patterns of behaviour which are not ours and they do not serve us).

Watch this short video which shares key points explaining that if you feel better, more in control and calm, then your child will the reap benefits.



So how might EFT Tapping be useful to you?

How many of these stresses can you relate to?

  1. Simply put you are finding parenthood a real challenge.
  2. You are a parent of a new baby and confused.
  3. This is your first baby and panic and self-doubt seem ever present.
  4. This new and desired experience is causing emotional pain rather than delightful pleasure.
  5. Your dynamic toddler is wearing you out.
  6. You question any authority you may have over your irrepressible toddler.
  7. The dynamics of your relationship with your partner has changed and you find yourself floundering.
  8. You don’t know your role anymore!
  9. Your relationship with your partner may now feel compromised.
  10. You question where your previous able and competent persona has gone.
  11. You are competent in your professional role, a good solid person but all of a sudden you are feeling highly stressed and anxious.
  12. Frustrations and feelings of anger are a concern.
  13. You want to feel more confident, calm and in control.
  14. You find yourself super stressed because your children press your trigger buttons.
  15. You wonder what you can do about these reactions and feelings.


The joy of parenthood can prove a challenge

You want to be a good parent, a loving parent, a calm parent, a joyous parent. However do you find that expectation and challenge can cause you and your partner considerable anxiety?
Be very aware: Striving for an unrealistic expectation of perfection is actually a form of Self-Sabotage.

Are other big life factors seriously adding to the problem?  Here are just a few that beset many a parent at some time or another….

  • Your relationship with your partner is in trouble.
  • You may be dealing with a divorce or co-parenting children with your ex partner.
  • You alone are rearing your children.
  • You are not allowed to see your children because your ex or social services are preventing you from having full access.
  • Your partner tells your children lies about you to your children.
  • You feel alone because there is very little emotional support.
  • Your partner has died and you are left alone.
  • Your partner is seriously ill and it’s all too much.


Key Point:

Your children – however young – do sense your stress and trauma. They react accordingly. A happy and contented child may become withdrawn or attention seeking. An anxious child will display deeper signs of their stressed behaviour.
This heightens the problem for everyone. Fundamentally your children, especially if they are under six years old, subconsciously take on beliefs as a result of disharmony at home.
Warring parents living out their relationship in front of their children is highly destructive.
Beliefs subconsciously implanted in the young brain could be:

  • I have to keep myself safe.
  • I am not good enough to be happy.
  • It’s my fault.
  • I have to be a good boy or girl.
  • I can’t be heard; no one listens to me.
  • I don’t matter.


Be Mindful of Self-Care opportunities
Techniques, strategies and working toward a better personal situation is empowering for you. When you feel better, your child can sense this, will benefit from this and your child will feel happier and more content.
Benefits of learning EFT
It can help you to de-stress and therefore your unborn child and your children will sense a positive change in you straight away. You feel more Calm, in Control and Confident; your baby or child will feel the same.

Positive improvement in your child’s behaviour

Your child or children become less demanding, less challenging, less needy.


Because they feel more secure, loved and safe. They are more calm, less attention seeking. The people they love and trust are happier. These positive feelings are transferable so it’s Win Win.

What happens during Tapping?


Tapping Points

Tapping Points

Crucially, EFT Tapping works at 2 levels

1/  Mindset Level

2/  Cellular Level

You quieten and clear Mind Chatter; your Inner Voice. The voice you have mistakenly thought to be correct and in charge of who and what you are. The voice which goes over and over your negative beliefs and anxieties. When you listen to that negative inner voice you give these anxieties more and more power. You are confused because you think these beliefs and thoughts must be true. They are not true.
But this Inner Voice can be hushed when you release the energy at Cellular Level .



How is blocked negative energy released?
You release the blocked energy, stress, physical discomfort by Tapping on specific Energy meridians in your body. Acupuncturists use needles to do this; we Tap.
Very specifically you

  • state where you feel your discomfort.
  • describe its shape, size and colour.

The more specific you can be the better, so that blocked energy/stress can be worked on and released.
You voice the specific fear you hear in your head and by combining Voicing and Tapping, you can release the blocked energy. The charge is gone.

How long do I need to Tap for?
Using EFT as a Self-Help tool, five to ten minutes of Tapping can make significant improvements to how you feel. When you feel more calm and in control, you are better fit to deal with your given situation.


EFT is practiced and shared by Counsellors, Hypnotherapists, Doctors, Psychiatrists and more. Perhaps it’s time for you, your baby or your child to benefit from Tapping?


For specific Tapping Routines please visit my website: Video EFT Tapping routines.


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Contact Susan [bw_mobile]

Susan’s website: Hampshire-EFT.

Susan is the author of Survive and Thrive after Trauma. She shares her story, healing techniques and interviews.

She specialises in; Relationship Stress, Pregnancy and Infertility issues, and Emotional Trauma relating to physical health issues.


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