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The Times: Conscious Uncoupling

The Times: Conscious Uncoupling

Getting the facts about Cohabition into the press


I was interviewed by Sally Williams along with my Ex for an article in The Times published 10 January 2015, called “Conscious Uncoupling”.  What was significant for me was that The Times – even though originally they had been looking for couples who had got legally divorced – they then decided to include our story to reflect the over 6 million couples in the UK who cohabit.

The differences when you split – especially if you have children – are immense, and more than half the population are still blissfully unaware that Common Law Marriage is a myth. Thank you to Sally Williams for helping to get that information out to the public as a byproduct of her very interesting series of interviews in this article.


My Ex said in The Times that I’m: “Away with the fairies”


As for my Ex’s comment at the end of the article about how I am “away with the fairies” – he is correct.  I live in a village where people knit gnomes, talk about angels in the Post Office queue, and believe in Elemental Spirits.  And maybe having a slightly less materialist view on life is what has led me to work towards the ‘bigger picture’ and not take no for an answer, but simply a request for more time to reconsider.

As the Times article describes, he and I are very ‘different’ which may well be a good reason why we are no longer living together – but it hasn’t stopped us being a happy co-parenting couple who have separate lives, but share the same beautiful family.

Sometimes it is our differences that come together to create a kind of harmony, and as I commented recently on an article I wrote about Divorce Day in the Huffington Post:

“Remember folks – Divorce and Separation are a Station – Not a Destination. Get a map for the full journey, with all it’s twists and turns, and you’ll be able to swop postcards at the end of the adventure will love and laughter, rather than bitterness.”

Suzy Miller


The Times 10.01.15 TheTimes_ConsciousUncoupling_SallyWilliams_10.01.15


Some sobering statistics on Cohabitation and Living Together:


  • In 2013 there were 18.2 million families in the UK. Of these, 12.3 million consisted of a married couple with or without children.
  • The number of opposite sex cohabiting couple families has increased significantly, from 2.2 million in 2003 to 2.9 million in 2013. The number of dependent children living in opposite sex cohabiting couple families rose from 1.4 million to 1.9 million over the same period.
  • There were nearly 1.9 million lone parents with dependent children in the UK in 2013, a figure which has grown steadily but not significantly from 1.8 million in 2003.
  • There were 26.4 million households in the UK in 2013. Of these, 29% consisted of only one person and 20% consisted of four or more people.
  • The fastest growing household type was households containing two or more families, increasing by 39% from 206,000 households in 2003 to 286,000 households in 2013. However multi-family households still only represent 1% of all households.



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