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Women need to stand up for themselves and insist on a Living Together Agreement – Interview with Life Coach Claudia Crawley

Women need to stand up for themselves and insist on a Living Together Agreement – Interview with Life Coach Claudia Crawley

In this interview and video, Life Coach Claudia Crawley of Winning Pathways Coaching, describes how women who are not married but cohabiting need to stand up for themselves and protect their future by creating a Living Together Agreement.


“In the old days it was known as ‘shacking up’.  In the more liberal-minded 21st century, it’s known as co-habiting. Many people are doing it and no-one bats an eye lid. And, yes, with such a personal decision, that’s how it should be. If you’re about to take that step towards sharing life, space and resources with your partner, you’re probably on a high, all loved up, viewing life through those rose tinted specs. So forgive me if I bring you back down to earth with this question. What agreement have the two of you made in relation to your property and belongings?  What thought have you given to protecting your rights in the event of the relationship breaking up?

Now, you may be thinking, ‘we’re never going to break-up!’ And you may even believe that it’s tempting fate to take a mental drive down that pot-holed road. But the reality is that you can never completely know another human being so you can never totally predict how things will pan out.  And here’s the deal for co-habiting couples, no matter how long you’ve been together, you don’t have the same legal rights as a married couple and you may have little legal protection should you split up. This is where a Living Together Agreement comes in. Relatively new to the UK, it helps you define your respective share of property (whether owned jointly or by just one of you), savings and belongings and avoid messy legal consequences should you separate.

Now, if the thought of constructing a formal legal agreement seems a tedious turn off you might not want to be bothered.  But what if there were a way of taking the tedious out of it and of dealing with it faster?  Well, there is a way. And that’s to get help with the thinking before you make the move. Winning Pathways Coaching offers you time and space with a coach to prepare you to make a Living Together or Cohabitation Agreement.   Together we’ll explore who you are and what’s important to you. And when you’re clear you’ll be in a good place to identify what you want in relation to living together and in relation to property and possessions.

Many of us think we know what we want and yes, we should.  But from an early age, girls are often brought up to cater first to the wants and needs of others, so, it’s hardly surprising that when we’re asked the question ‘what do you want?’ we stall.  When you’re clear on who you are, what’s most important to you and what you want, the negotiables and non-negotiables in living together are easier to identify.  So when you and your partner start the conversation about the realities of living together and of making the Living Together agreement, you’re well equipped to lay out your stall and negotiate in a way that doesn’t leave you vulnerable should you eventually part.”



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