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View Your Living Together Agreement Video Pack

View Your Living Together Agreement Video Pack


View your own personal Living Together Agreement Video Guide Pack to help you to create your Living Together Agreement and Life Plan.  Watch the 10 short videos in order below – or select specific videos from the list beneath.

You will need to download the pdf documents first – click here to access these:

Video One: Introduction:

Video Two: Creating your Life Plan:

Video Three: Life Plan Continued:

Video Four: Organiser Part 1:

Video Five: Organiser Part 2:

Video Six: Organiser Part 3:

Video Seven: Organiser Part 4:

Video Eight: Organiser Part 5:

Video Nine: Organiser Part 6:

Video Ten: Template Notes:


You have two hours of my time available to guide you if required: book your Skype or phone session by emailing me at