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letting go & starting over ceremony for all to share

letting go & starting over ceremony for all to share




A letting go and starting over ceremony – a shared experience

Separation, divorce, losing job and bereavement are some of the most stressful things we will all have to face in our lives.

With separation and divorce comes a maelstrom of feelings and emotions including anger, hurt, judgement, remorse and guilt. Often we feel the victim; things have been done to us, outcomes and events are not as we would have wished or expected.  We feel bad; regardless of whether the separation or divorce is amicable or contentious.

We cannot change events and we cannot change the other person involved; how they think or feel or what they do necessarily.  But we can change the way we think, feel and act.

We can alter the focus of our attention away from the other person, the person we feel has hurt us; and stop putting our energies into what we don’t want.

Instead we can start focusing on ourselves; putting our energies into what we do want for ourselves.

Ceremony outline – What will happen?

1) Invitation to let go of unhelpful, negative thoughts, feelings and ways of being.

2) Acknowledgment of the space that letting go creates; and the value and importance of this space in providing us with an opportunity to focus and clarify what we do want for ourselves in the future – our personal future intentions

3) Invitation to new ways of being ; enabling us to focus on ourselves and what we do want in our lives, with new supportive thoughts, feelings and intentions that help us move forward with confidence

The ceremony will be interactive and involve visual representations for letting go and the invitation to the new.  You don’t have to be with a partner – you can do it alone or even with a friend.

The ceremony will begin at 14.30 and again at 16.30 in the Interactive Zone, and last for about 10 minutes.

SOS is grateful to the exhibitors who have put in their time and effort to make this shared experience possible:

Rhythm of Life


Julia Armstrong


Jeanette Mercer

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Scott Collier

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