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Feel Better With Bowen

Feel Better With Bowen


“Every Body
Feels Better with Bowen”

A gentle, safe, non-invasive technique that can help clear the mind, reduce physical pain, and even help release pent-up emotions.

Allow yourself to feel physically and emotionally stronger – call me to find out more about how powerful Bowen can be.  I am based in Fulham, South West London.



“My first experience of The Bowen Technique with Catherine Ford really surprised me. It was far more relaxing than I had imagined. I felt my body was able to let go and release tension on a level I’d not experienced for a long time. My back felt looser and less knotted afterwards – yet the treatment was incredibly gentle and non-invasive. Sometimes when you are feeling emotionally delicate as well as physically out of balance, you don’t want to be crunched about. Bowen left me feeling calm and as if my body had been nurtured.  I highly recommend experiencing Bowen as the results may well surprise you.”
Suzy Miller: Alternative Divorce Guide

A little about Bowen:
The Bowen Technique is a very gentle, deeply-relaxing, non-invasive technique which comprises sequences of precise rolling moves on the body.  It is neither massage nor manipulation.  The gentle moves stimulate energy flow allowing the body to re-set itself holistically working on a physical and emotional level.  Results can be remarkable, even from the first session; often only a few sessions are needed to address the presenting problem.

Katherine C.

“I’ve been seeing Catherine for Bowen treatments on and off for the past 2 years. More than anything, what I get from each treatment is a real feeling of calmness that lasts for weeks. The Bowen appears to balance my body in a way that limits my anxieties and helps me to keep everything in perspective. Catherine is professional and kind. I would absolutely recommend her and a Bowen treatment to anyone suffering with anxiety.”

Katie H.

“In Catherine, you will find a dedicated, experienced and caring Bowen Practitioner. Catherine has extensive knowledge of the Bowen Technique. She has helped me in the past with lower back pain, which was greatly dimished after a couple of treatments. It is a shame that she’s in London and I am in California!!”

Sylvia A.

“It was lovely to meet you yesterday. After the Bowen session I slept very well, was I in a much more uplifted mood, and no more twinges. Something has shifted emotionally for sure.”


Bowen Technique Practitioner
Clinic at:
Parsons Green
London SW6 4DH
Appointments:  020 7731 4720




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Telephone consultation followed by 20% discount on first treatment, if booked.

Appointments: 020 7731 4720



Bowen is considered appropriate for anyone from pregnant women and newborn babies to the frail and elderly. There is even a separate modality of Bowen for treating animals! It may assist recovery from many conditions from traumatic injury and chronic illness, depending on each individual’s capacity to heal.

It also lowers blood pressure and reduces stress levels, and improved energy levels, sleep and general well-being are also often noted. Whilst not absolutely everyone will respond to a treatment, the Bowen Technique can help in a large proportion of cases.

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