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Holistic Hypno-Coach Michelle Moore

Holistic Hypno-Coach Michelle Moore


Holistic Therapist and a

Holistic Hypnotherapist


Helping people create powerful emotional shifts through gentle support and professional guidance

Using a combination of analytical hypnotherapy and transition coaching I can support and help you create the change you need by facilitating the letting go of the past to allow you to move on in your true authentic ‘you’.  In short; the bits you are stuck on, together we’ll shift them.


Voucher: A free 30 minute consultation

either in person or by Skype


Contact me now:  or call on 07960 667661



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Voucher: A free 30 minute consultation either in person or by Skype.
Contact me now: or call on 07960 667661



I am a qualified and fully insured Holistic Analytical Hypnotherapist and Transition Coach. Over the past 9 years I have supported people going through life shifts through moderating online groups and one to one hypno-coaching sessions, from being a sounding board to using techniques to rewrite those beliefs that stop you from being ‘you’. Sometimes the tough times are the most powerful times that then create a strong and powerful you.

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