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Being OK Emotionally through relationship change

Being OK Emotionally through relationship change

Short term therapy

for long term results


This is for you if you know divorce has hit you hard emotionally
and you just want to be OK and to move on

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Free 1 hour Breakthrough Session

(usual value £75)

and see the benefits for yourself

Contact me now for a no obligation chat to find out more:

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£50 voucher (redeemable against a BE OK package)

Come along and have a 45 minute introductory session with me where you can pick one specific topic that you want to feel better about.

When I work with people I usually work with them over 3 sessions. The first is 90 minutes long, and we really dig deep, but what I want you to do is get a feel for how it works, how you can overcome your emotions because I totally understand that you may want to see how it works for yourself.

In this 45 minute session: I will be spending the first 10 minutes explaining to you how the therapy works, what it does, how it fits in with my packages + 30 minutes on the therapy and working through a specific issue, and when you see how it works for you, we will spend the last minutes of the session chatting about what other issues you have and what you might need help with.

This voucher entitles you to book a taster session to the value of £150 for £50. Redeemable against any package.



I work with separated and divorced women, because I have been there and I want you to be OK too.

Because I know what it’s like to not feel OK. I know what it’s like to feel stressed and overwhelmed and not knowing what to do.

If you are going through or have been through separation or divorce and you want it to be as smooth and as positive an experience as it can be, come and see me so that we can work on making you Be OK.

I could tell you that your life is going to be amazing and it can be, but right now, I just want you to be OK. That might not sound like a big thing but if you are in that place, like I know I have been, where even the thought of feeling OK was so far away that it was the biggest dream I had.

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